Who We Are

calm africaChildren First Uganda is a UK charity (Registered Number 1130627) that has links with with a Ugandan NGO to help vulnerable and needy Ugandan children and young people, many of whom have lost their parents as the result of the HIV/AIDS pandemic and live in child-headed households.

Children First Uganda raises funds and provides expertise to help the Ugandan NGO, CALM Africa. Some of our members have been volunteers working with CALM Africa building schools and helping with Outreach programmes.

Children First Uganda supports works in the capital Kampala with street-children and in southern Uganda in the Rakai, Lyantonde and Wakiso districts helping rural children living in child-headed households.

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Keith, a Calm Africa Volunteer

calm africaMaybe I was not a typical volunteer, fresh from an eviction notice and a week in hospital, suffering post viral fatigue, I boarded the plane against doctor’s orders, feeling I had nothing to offer. Dubious, tired and worried about the situation waiting on my return I landed. The heat was overwhelming, I worried how I would survive.
James picked me up from the airport, together in the dusk we drove to a market to pick up tomatoes, I've had a weird phobia of tomatoes since I was very young. I worried what I would eat.

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Calm Africa

calm africaCALM Africa works with most vulnerable and needy; children who have lost their parents to AIDS, those living in child-headed-households, street children, children-out-of-school and disabled children. The goal is to improve the welfare and development of these marginalized children using a Six Step Scheme. First, they help these children meet their immediate needs like shelter, food, clothing, medical help, household and farming equipment. Next they offer a helping hand to a better future by providing support to children with their education and training, offering counseling and eventually helping them get employment.

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